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Posted May 1, 2020

It is with much regret that I must inform you that there will not be an American Legion season this year. Below is an excerpt of a letter I received earlier today from our State Baseball Commission.

“The Baseball Committee and the Department Executive Committee have voted to cancel this year’s season due to the risks related to the coronavirus issue. Reasons are the safety and health of players, coaches, fans, and the potential legal liabilities that the Department could incur should someone become ill while participating in a Legion sanctioned activity. As of this date approximately 40% of states have cancelled their seasons. In some of those, coaches have stated they will still play, and are forming local leagues to do so. I totally understand, and if you choose to do so, just be aware you cannot utilize in any fashion the Legion emblem or insignia. This means the wearing of a jersey having the Legion patch on it is prohibited.”

Although this is a decision we were hoping to avoid, the hope of some type of a NON-LEGION season is still a possibility. There are many details that must be considered, and we are looking into alternative possibilities. If we can put something together, I will let you know ASAP. I can tell you that we will not be traveling to any out of town tournaments that would require nights in a motel.

Jim Moran

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