A Quiet Kind of Courage

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A Quiet Kind of Courage
by Veronica Hay

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow” ~ Mary-Anne Rademacher

So true, more often than not I believe this is the case.
There are many words for courage. I looked it up in the dictionary and came up with the following: bravery, fearlessness, nerve, audacity, boldness, grit, gallantry, guts, spunk, moxie, balls, valor, determination.

And then I began to think of how many situations life presents us with every day where we have the opportunity to respond with everything we’ve got, in a courageous way.

For example.
Choosing to do things our way when the world is telling us to do something different, takes guts.

Telling the truth in spite of the consequences, takes nerve.

Never giving up on your dream, even when things appear to be hopeless, takes determination.

Doing the right thing, taking the high road, when it doesn’t always feel comfortable, takes valor.

Believing in yourself when no one else does, takes balls.

Sharing yourself with the world in an honest, authentic and even vulnerable way, takes spunk.

Walking out on a limb, doing something you’re really afraid to do, with your knees knocking and your hands sweating, takes fearlessness.

Being proud of who you are in spite of the fact that others think you’re different or weird or even crazy, takes audacity.

Offering your gifts to the world, and doing it with everything you’ve got, in every way you know how, takes boldness.

Giving the other person the benefit of the doubt when you know you are right, takes gallantry.

Believing you are gorgeous, brilliant, talented, amazing and acting accordingly, takes moxie.

Choosing to keep your commitment to yourself and do the work you promised you would do every day, takes grit.

Opening your heart again even though you may have been betrayed, let down, even abandoned, takes bravery.

So my dear friends, where in your life today will you be bold, audacious, spunky, balsy, fearless, brave, daring, gallant or determined and what are you waiting for?
Have a courageous day.
Love and blessings, Veronica Hay

May there be a MIRACLE in your life today…
And may you have the EYES to see it…

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