Sr Fike Satchel Paige Tournament

The schedule for Sr Fike’s Satchel Paige Wood Bat Tournament (5/31/19 to 6/2/19) has been added to the team calendar.

Tournament Details:

Wood Bats ONLY – teams are expected to supply their own.

Each team is responsible to bring 3 good balls to each game. Foul balls can be hard to retrieve so have extras if possible.

Both fields are grass / dirt.

There is a covered seating area in the stadium for parents, fans, etc.

NO gate fee will be charged.

We will use NFHS rules but are okay with free substitutions within reason.

Games will be 7 innings or 2 hours – Spread rule = 10/4, 8/5.

Seeding for bracket games determined by (1) Record (2) Head to Head (3) Runs Allowed (4) Coin Toss.

Home team is listed on schedule and will be better seed once bracket play starts.

Pool Games:

Friday 5/31/19 6PM Sr Fike vs Eagles at Cleveland Park

Saturday 6/1/19 12PM Sr Fike vs KC Blues at Satchel Paige Stadium

Bracket games start at 4PM 6/1/19

For the complete schedule see the link below:

Satchel Paige Tournament 2019


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